About dlr Mill Theatre

Since opening in May 2006 we have staged a wide variety of performing arts, community theatre, visual art, comedy, music, and children’s shows. We bring many people together both on and off stage.

Our venue presents over 400 productions every year, welcoming audiences from all over Ireland and our local community. Box Office is open Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 4pm but ickets are always available to book online at milltheatre.ie

The Gallery Space always has an interesting exhibition to view and get a lovely sense of the building itself.

dlr Mill Theatre has an extensive EDUCATION PROGRAMME – over 10000 students from second level attend productions every year. The venue is perfectly suited to accommodate students, particularly the little ones – with the same amount of Primary School level children attending every year also.

Programmes run by the venue include the first SCHOOLS SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL in Ireland,  STEM WEEK for Primary School Children, DRAMA WORKSHOPS for all ages, ART WORKSHOPS for all ages, ROALD DAHL Themed Events, Over 65 Group Drama Projects and many more. View all recent news and events on our BLOG.


“Lovely Theatre in the heart of Dundrum.” Thomas Moore

“A lovely intimate setting … I love this place … no matter what is on you are very close to the action …” Lynn Cryan 

“A fantastic venue, cosy, intimate and totally professional we had a ball.” Catriona Miller

“A very community friendly theatre. I am involved in a production for the over 65s. A great venue” Brendan Supple

“Better than cinema, amazing actors, great plays.” Sławomir Demichowicz