Second Thoughts- Margaret McLoughlin

Exhibition Dates: 29th Apr - 20th Jun 2022
Artist: Margaret McLoughlin

Second Thoughts- an exhibition of photographs, and prints by  Margaret McLoughlin inspired by #100daysofwalking.

Margaret McLoughlin is an established Irish printmaker who has exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer show, the Royal Hibernian academy as well as numerous group shows and she has had several solo shows in the Original Print gallery, Temple Bar.

These prints and photographs sprang from the artists second look at her locality. They work together to encapsulate the artist’s new perception. They focus on previously unobserved beautiful details within her local coastal and urban environment contrasting  with the chaos and upset of the wider world in the last two years.

Landscape has always been the driving inspiration McLoughlin’s work. Over the years she has explored the rich Irish landscapes of Wicklow and Leitrim  through painting  and printmaking

In January 2020 she began the 100 days of walking challenge A crucial part of the exercise was taking a photograph on the daily walk of something that sparked interest and posting it on Instagram using the hashtag #100daysofwalking , on McLoughlins instagram @mmcloughlinartist.

As March brought pandemic restrictions McLoughlin was no longer able to draw inspiration from her usual stamping  ground, she found myself walking daily in her immediate urban and coastal environment. This was a rewarding exercise, in the midst of the pandemic – both contemplative and  refreshing, seeing the familiar places of my walks in different light and  all weathers.

She noticed colours, details, that were suddenly glorious in their ordinariness. These split seconds of observance became a starting point in the creation of work that captures the  atmosphere and  essence of a landscape rather than a representation of a specific place.

With the  Black Church print studio closed  due to the pandemic she began drawings inspired by these walks. As society slowly started reopening she  began using the photographs and drawings as inspiration, using etching and carborundum in the reopened Black Church Print Studio.