The Woman Who Shot Mussolini   25th - 27th Aug 2016

Show time: 8pm
Admission: €20/€16
Events at dlr Mill Theatre Dundrum, south Dublin

Noggin Theatre Company presents this stunning new play by Alice Barry.

Following the runaway success of Fruitcake, Noggin Theatre Company premieres Alice Barry’s new play Violet Gibson, The Woman Who Shot Mussolini.

In 1926 Irish aristocrat Violet Gibson (aged 49) shot Benito Mussolini the then Italian Prime Minister. Everyone except Violet thought it was madness. The fate of Violet hinged on whether she would stand trial as a political criminal or be declared insane. We hear Violet’s self effacing and often funny account of her absurd life governed by illness, death and the shackles of a male dominated Victorian society. Her questioning nature will not let her fiddle and twaddle her days away with nosegays and needlepoint and she strives to achieve something meaningful in her life. Psychological exploration brings her to religion and moral obligation.

Is Violet mad, bad or neither?

Can society benefit by listening to the people who stand alone and bold?

The play explores the dangers of demoralising citizens by creating minorities and instability of moral judgement on all sides.

Written and performed by Alice Barry

Directed by Jason Byrne

Lighting by Steve Neale

Sound and music by Rob Moloney