Trouble in the Kingdom of Enchantasia   30th Oct - 4th Nov 2017

Show time: 2.30pm
Admission: Adults €13.50 Children €11 Family of 5 €55

Ofegus Theatre return to dlr Mill Theatre this Halloween mid term break and once again there is TROUBLE IN THE KINGDOM OF ENCHANTASIA!

The Crown Princess has vanished! On her throne sits her cousin, Prince Archibald. His decisions are impacting badly upon the Kingdom, his rulings are unjust and causing great turmoil and unhappiness. Anyone daring to oppose him is thrown into the Dungeons of Darkly Drear! What evil plot is afoot? Can Tristan, a young Knight of the Royal Guard, find the Princess and restore order to the land before it is too late!
Don’t miss this tale of magic, adventure and breath taking derring-do! From TROUBLE IN THE KINGDOM OF ENCHANTASIA audiences can expect a show full of magical fun and adventure that everyone – from 4 to 104 – will enjoy…. and want to come back for more!

Such style and lip-smacking energy – 5 stars –

The story is engaging, with comedy, skillful stage combat, and acrobatics… An enjoyable theatrical experience for children, showcasing some fabulous young professional talent –

An excellent show for all the family from Granny through to Gus (aged 8) –

The hard-working Ofegus cast have the children, mummies, daddies and, in my case, grandpas in their hands – Irish Theatre Magazine