The Little Prince   1st - 4th Aug 2018

Show time: 7pm Matinee Sat at 2pm
Admission: Adults €12 Children €10

“What is essential is invisible to the eye”

Morgan Creative presents a dramatic re-imagining of Antoine Saint Exupery’s “The Little Prince” translated and adapted by Oisín Robbins. This contemporary performance uses multiple different art forms such as music and audio-visual work in order to bring the magical story to life.

The Little Prince is a fantastical adventure that explores growing up and how the imagination we are all born with can save us. Antoine, the narrator of the tale, is spending a few days repairing his airplane engine when he is visited by a boy that comes from another planet. In his bid to help Antoine survive the lonely days in the dessert, the Little Prince recounts his experiences hopping from one planet to the next, and in doing so, makes some startling revelations on adulthood, and what it means to live in this crazy, wonderful world of ours.

The production is family friendly and is most suitable for 6-12 year olds.