The King Lear Project Online   4th Feb - 29th Jun 2021


Following on from the sell-out run of Hamlet in 2019 and Romeo and Juliet in 2020, Mill Productions are proud to present this FREE online resource, directed by Geoff O’Keeffe and funded by Creative Ireland, for Leaving Certificate English.

Available to view on our YouTube channel here.  Any queries contact or call us on (01)2969340

Filmed over five parts at the dlr Mill Theatre, Dundrum, and with our theatre dark and programmes cancelled we moved online and engaged with the play by examining key scenes from it. We focused on analysis, rehearsal and performance.

Part 1 | Act 1, Sc 1

The division of a Kingdom and the banishment of both a favourite daughter and a trusted friend, send Lear on a descent into madness.

Part 2 | Act 1, Sc 2

Edmund, the illegitimate son of Gloucester draws us into his confidence in one of the very few soliloquies in the play.

Part 3 | Act 1, Sc 4

As Lear’s plans start to unravel in front of him and his identity becomes stripped away, his vicious attack on his daughter Goneril is full of fury.

Part 4 | Act 3, Sc 2

Perhaps there is no scene more iconic than the storm coming at the climax of Lear’s anger, it marks the beginning of a new sense of self awareness and ability to empathise with others.

Part 5 | Act 4, Sc 6

The company reflect on the journey Lear has undertaken. The man he was and the man he has become. They discuss the sadness and humour of the scene and reflect on how two fathers learn to see by having everything stripped away – to nothing.