The Crystal Cage   27th Oct - 1st Nov 2018

Show time: 2.30pm
Admission: €13.50/€11, €55 for family of 5

Ofegus Theatre returns with another exciting, magical adventure for all the family!

Disaster strikes the Kingdom of Enchantasia when all the rainbows disappear!!! The Leprechauns, bankers to the magical world, are deeply troubled as without rainbows they cannot locate their gold. The Great Wizard Strogroth, leader of the High Council of Magic, is most distressed when he hears this news. Not only will the Kingdom be in severe financial trouble but, without the rainbows, all the colour in the world will drain away – turning everything to BLACK!

Who could be responsible for this diabolical deed?

Can The Great Wizard Strogroth and the Fairies of the Kingdom save the day and restore the rainbows to the skies of Enchantasia?

Join us on this enchanting adventure and find out….

“Such style and lipsmacking energy – 5 Stars” –

“They’re playing a blinder with the toughest audience around – kids!” –