Mountains to Sea Festival 2018 – Meet Vivian French   Thu 22nd Mar 2018

Show time: 12pm
Admission: €4 per child

Meet Vivian French, her Knights and Cherry Pie Princesses

Meet the brilliantly funny and enthralling storyteller and children’s author Vivian French as she dips into both her Knights series and Cherry Pie Princess.  Being a princess is a bit dull for Princess Peony who is very independent and wants to do things on her own, especially cooking. Will she be able  get what she wants? Vivian French presents the marvellous tale of the very determined girl, The Cherry Pie Princess.  Hear Vivian read from her latest knightly tale Knight in Training: To the Rescue!   Will we see the brave Sam J Butterbiggins complete his knightly quest?

Age 6 +

 €4 per child, 2 teachers per class go free.
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