Mountains to Sea Festival 2018 – Be Bold – People & Politics   Wed 21st Mar 2018

Show time: 12pm
Admission: €4 per child

Chaired by Claire Hennessy, join Anna Carey and Sheena Wilkinson with Claire Hennessy as they discuss through their novels how people’s political interests come about.  In particular , in 2018, on the centenary of women’s suffrage, we take a look at how the campaign to secure ‘votes for women’ was won. In Anna Carey’s  The Making of Mollie, Mollie Carberry’s life seems pretty dull until she discovers that her older sister Phyllis is a suffragette! When she and her friend Nora get involved they must face the question of how far a girl should go for her beliefs.  In Sheena Wilkinson’s Star by Star, we meet Stella who has always looked forward to changing the world. It’s November 1918. The great flu pandemic sweeping the world has robbed Stella of her mother and her home, and she’s alone in a strange country, with an aunt she’s never met.  But change is coming – the war is over, and women are about to vote for the first time.  Stella realises that she can indeed change the world. Not alone, and not all at once. But just as stars come one by one to brighten the night sky, so history is made person by person, girl by girl.


Age : 5th class and older

€4 per child, 2 teachers per class go free.
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