Jo Quail with Special Guest Soricah   Sat 21st Apr 2018

Show time: 8pm in The Maureen O Hara Studio
Admission: €15/€13

Jo Quail is an internationally acclaimed virtuoso cellist and composer, from London UK. Alongside her bespoke electric cello, Jo uses looping technology in a revolutionary and unique fashion to bring her rich, evocative music to audiences across the globe, in both solo performances and collaborations with classical orchestras and choirs.

“Great musical intensity, range and colour… Jo Quail is

a virtuoso, eliciting grace and power”

Detlef Eicke, Volkstimmer October 2016

“One of the most awe-inspiring and inventive cellists of our generation”

Heathen Harvest Periodical (USA)

“Watching her live, it’s impossible not to be captivated by the way Jo gradually builds each song layer by layer to create something which sounds like it was performed by a group of musicians rather than one incredibly talented individual…”

Decibel Rouge Live Review of Glasgow Classic Grand November 2015

Soricah, is an Irish/Mauritian musical artist from Dublin. Having been brought up in Ireland, Africa and Mauritius, her music is very much influenced by her rich upbringing, and the music and people she has been exposed to. Her sound is unique, not tied to one genre, taking the melodies of Ireland and the Soul of Africa, to produce some truly original and captivating music. She has been featured on a host of national Irish radio stations and will be releasing her debut EP later this year.

“…a beautiful song, with a soothing, languid melody that conjures up images of a beach bathed by tropical breezes, at least to my mind”

Review of “Waiting”, May 2017