Hidden Strength Speaker Series: Developing Hidden Strength in Young People   Tue 5th Feb 2019

Show time: 7.15pm
Admission: €12.50

This speaker event with Trish Patterson and Lisa Jacob will have 2 main aims. 1) To teach young people how to persevere in challenge, how to deal with fear, how to become their best, and how to achieve more than they think they can. 2) The second aims is to resource parents, teachers and coaches to get more from their children, students or athletes, and support them to navigate challenges and setbacks to become more flexible, resilient, decisive and confident. Lisa and Trish will discuss their incredible array of experiences- playing internationally in 4 sports, completing  100km running and 2,200km cycling ultra-marathons, raising €30,000 for charity, scaling mountains over 6,000m in elevation, serving in Afghanistan twice, working in TV sports analysis, and leading 5,000 people globally as Head of International Security and People in a leading defense company.

Trish is mum to twin 2-year old girls and a certified mentor. Lisa is a qualified executive coach and coach developer. She has 15 years experience coaching in individual and sporting contexts, and is currently assistant coach to the Irish u18 girl’s hockey team.

Trish and Lisa know that with just a little push of encouragement, and with some actionable, straightforward tools and strategies- young people can thrive. Lisa and Trish are down-to-earth, authentic and engaging, and will draw actionable and transferable lessons from their own setbacks, failure, adversity and challenges they have overcome, and explain how they have survived and succeeded in many different environments in their own lives.


For more information see www.hidden-strength.com