Chromatics   5th - 10th Nov 2018

Show time: 8pm
Admission: €16/€14

It All Begins…
From Dublin playwright and composer Shauna Carrick, comes a story about growing up and everything that comes with it. James is trying to create his first masterpiece, while Al is ready to fly the nest for the big city. As for Kate, she’s just trying to hold it all together.

Chromatics is a story about graduating, dreaming big and slowly realising that “it” may not happen, at least not as planned. Aspirations swiftly dashed, plans pulverised and unexpected ultimatums, we follow a group of friends as they journey through their new unknown. A story where everyone screws up. But with songs.

Critics Reviews for Chromatics:

Shauna Carrick’s Chromatics (Polliwog Theatre Collective) is as fine an example of youth theatre as you will find…The piece is a pleasure from beginning to end. – No More Workhorse, 2016

Audience Reviews for Chromatics:

Excellent production, acting, and singing. Funny, uplifting, sad and extremely relatable for young adults (and all audiences).

Wow. I cried – twice. Beautiful harmonies, realistic situations and characterisations, wonderful arrangements.

Stunning music, really well constructed. Beautiful performances from a great cast.