Bay City Rollerworld and the Smokie Experience   Fri 12th Oct 2018

Show time: 8pm
Admission: €20/€18

A unique double tribute..bring you all the hits and a lot of fun ..these
two bands were uncountable the biggest hitmakers of the 70,S..the
SMOKIE section of the show brings you classic songs like..I’ll meet
you at midnight …oh Carol…don’t play your Rock &roll to me and
of course living next door to Alice! All played to perfection ..!! In the
ROLLERS section of the show THE craic as they say is mighty!! All
the hits ( with a few other 70,S classics thrown in for good measure
) and a LOT of fun from LOOSE McHeadgoin…Hairwrecked Faulkner
…Alan LAWNMOWER…Wee Moody Woods and Derelict Drinkmore…..
if you want to have a SUMMERLOVE SENSATION ( IN OCTOBER ) or find
out who the fxxk ALICE is..then THE MILL THEATRE is the place to be