Balally One Acts   22nd - 26th Nov 2022

Show time: 8.15pm
Admission: €15/€13

Balally Players are delighted to present their one act plays in our studio this November.

A Thousand Deaths by John Clancy, directed by Joanne Keane.

A man mourns the death of his wife, who had dementia for the last thousand days of her life. He is joined by his son and daughter in the church on the day of her funeral. In this family reunion dark secrets are revealed, and we discover how love can pull a family together or drive them apart.

 Purple Squirrel by Sean T. Daly

Set in a bar next door to a 24-hour international recruitment agency, a priest is drowning his sorrows, while playing chess on the bar with the bartender and sipping his whiskey. It is the shift changeover at the recruiters, and they come to the bar to drink away their problems. As the drinks flow, they reveal to the priest that recruiting is not all that it seems.

Suitable for age 12+