Further Education Programme

In addition to the Primary and Secondary Schools programmes, the dlr Mill Theatre’s Education Programme strives to provide an inclusive range of events for all ages and interests.  Currently we are running a series of workshops through our Neighbourhood Company.  More details can be found here.

Watch this space for future educational events and workshops!

Past Events

Elder – Work in Progress, 2019

dlr Festival of Inclusion – Make a Book Workshop for over 55s, 2019

Laying the Foundations – Speech and Drama Teachers, 2019

Between the Stones (Phase 2) – Getting to Noh from ‘Page to Stage’, 2019

Hidden Strength Speaker Series, 2019

Mountains to Sea dlr Book Festival, 2019

EPV Drama Course for Primary School Teachers, 2018

International Film Schools Festival, 2018

Five Seasons – Documentary Screening, 2018